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Our Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of every person we encounter,in a pleasant and friendly environment, through INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, and PROFESSIONAL DILIGENCE.

Who We Are

Lynn and Mark both worked for a major hearing aid manufacturer for over 30 years. It was during that time that we were able to experience how hearing aids changed peoples lives by allowing them to communicate with those they loved. Mark was able to directly interact with clients that flew in from all over the country to be fit with hearing aids. Watching the faces of the clients and their spouse as they were once again able to enjoy conversation with out shouting was the moment that showed me that it wasn’t a hearing aid we were building, but the connection between loved ones that had been lost due to degraded hearing. Mark and Lynn have three grown children and a beautiful granddaughter. They love to travel, camp and garden.

Mark Shaw : Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Mark Shaw

Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Mark is a navy veteran electronic specialist. He proudly served aboard the USS Midway CV41, ask him about a tour! Upon completion of his enlistment he moved from his home state of Minnesota to the warmer climate of California. While attending college he joined a major hearing aid manufacture where he held multiple managerial positions including product design quality analysis and patient services. His 33 year career with this company prepared him for his desire to assist those with hearing problems obtain the maximum benefit from Hearing Help.

A Nationally Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (NBC-HIS) has demonstrated requisite and prerequisite standards of professional excellence as well as being licensed to perform hearing evaluations to determine candidacy for hearing aids as well as the fitting of hearing aids and assisted listening devices. They also provide counseling on those devices. The NBC-HIS is required to fulfill annual professional continuing education requirements.

Lynn Shaw : Patient Care Coordinator

Lynn Shaw

Patient Care Coordinator

Lynn is originally from the Philippines where she graduated from St. Columban Academy. She moved to the US with her family where she began her career with the same hearing aid manufacturer as Mark. From interpreting incoming orders for production, to verifying the integrity of completed hearing aids. She completed her time there on the administrative side of the business prior to Auditory Assistants performing accounting functions. Auditory Assistants was the next step in improving the lives of those with hearing difficulties.