Patient Testimonials

“Very knowledgeable and very accessible when needed. Mark tries very hard to provide you with the best aids suited to your needs and is very patient in explaining the pros and cons of each.”

Robert N.of San Diego, CA

The efficient and friendly manner in which my hearing problems were addressed and solved. I really do like my hearing aids!”

Carol M. of Escondido, CA

“From the moment I walked in the door, I could feel the warmth of everyone there. Mark has been so helpful and his technical knowledge has given me confidence that he knows what he’s doing and has my best interest at heart. Five stars!”

Gayle T. of Pauma Valley, CA

“Excellent quality in materials. Great customer relations. Special efforts to customize hear setting. Terrific follow up!”

Bryce B. of Escondido, CA

“In a world of commercial hucksters engaged in deceit and chicanery, these folks stand out like a beacon of light. Character and integrity set them apart from the rest. Mark and Lynn won my trust, confidence and appreciation based on what they have accomplished for me. Each and every hearing loss challenge that I have been confronted with, they have managed to overcome. If you’re seeking this type of care, look no further, I found it. It’s here!”

Chuck H. of Escondido, CA

“Extremely thorough in explaining everything. Able to go into store on appointment and be helped with anything at no additional charge. Customer service excellent.”

Dr. William H. of Escondido, CA

“Mark Shaw is the very best. He is knowledgeable, kind and really knows how to listen. The entire team at Auditory Assistants is wonderful. They treat you like family.”

Sara H. of San Diego, CA

“I was treated excellent by everyone from beginning to ending. I will recommend Auditory Assistants to everyone I know.”

Ed D. of Escondido, CA

“I liked that I was able to use a pair of hearing aids for a trial period before making a decision. The experience of receiving my own personal hearing aids was fantastic! Also, I am treated like family 🙂

Jaquita R. of San Diego, CA

“I appreciated being treated like family. They were very helpful and very knowledgeable. Both my husband and I have purchased from Mark and Lynn at Auditory Assistants and highly recommend them.”

Ethel N. of Escondido, CA

“I like the patience and the time they spent with me, teaching me how to care for my new ears. I liked the time they spent on adjustments. The whole experience was different, fun learning time, and the techs at Auditory Assistants make you feel so welcomed, like family. Thank you.”

Ofelia G. of San Marcos, CA

“Mark is great to work with. He was very concerned about making my experience the best it could be. He answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.”

Steve T. of Escondido, CA

“The service is outstanding. The Oticon OPN hearing aids are what you would hope hearing aids would be. They are comfortable and the sound is amazing. The entire staff at Auditory Assistants is very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.”

Stephen N. of Poway, CA

“If you would like to hear things that you haven’t heard in years and understand them, go see Mark at Auditory Assistants. He is very pleasant and will take excellent care of you.”

George E. of Pala, CA

“Mark and Lynn Shaw have established a warm, clean and family friendly environment. I am always treated with utmost professionalism and always leave better than when I arrived. Their technology and knowledge in the hearing industry is top notch. I have found my hearing home.”

Eric S. of Escondido, CA

“I liked how honest they were about the hearing aids. No pressure from them at all. I liked how they explained just how the aids work etc. and how friendly they were.”

Wilma T. of Escondido, CA

“I appreciated Mark going out of his way to get the type of hearing aids that were best suited for me, no matter how much time it took. He also improvised the ear piece to better fit my ears. He was always available to answer questions.”

Pam M. of Vista, CA

I was recently diagnosed with hearing loss and was referred to the Auditory Assistants Hearing Aid Center. My husband was able to go to my first appointment and both of us were welcomed. Mark Shaw is very kind and professional and answered our questions. He patiently explained how to insert my hearing aids and how to take care of them. Lynn was very helpful at the front desk as well. I highly recommend this business.

Joan G. of San Diego CA